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Life lover. Passionate to being outside. A perfectionist and a man of many passions. Working mainly as a freelancer, I travel all over Poland.
Volvo lover for over 10 years.

The story starts in November 2021 when I changed Volvo V50 to the XC70. The @XC70ontrip project is a response to the need to be closer to nature, closer to the automotive, discover new places and create something unique. I share individual upgrades and inspirations every day with over 1,000 recipients of the Instagram community.

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Selected modifications:

*will be done soon

Engine power increase*

ST2 (160-kW Power, 480-Nm Torque) program from the famous Volvo modification supplier

modules: CFE, tailgate, tail lights

Add-on CFE module from, tailgate lift module and taillights upgrade

front facelift

Replaced front bumper lower spoiler, front grille, DRL lights and other plastic parts from Volvo

TFT Retrofit & high performance audio*

Replaced the TFT Retrofit display and the audio system on High Performance Audio for a better experience

interior modification

"Classic wood" changed to "feather aluminum" and "modern wood", bright steering wheel modified to black

100% of lighting individually selected

Xenon lamps, parking lights, ambient lighting and interior lighting - all bulbs have been extensively tested

What do you want to change?

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